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Angela Marshall

Easy Piano Hymns for Beginners

Easy Piano Hymns for Beginners

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    Play praise and worship songs on the piano today!

    Easy Piano Hymns for Beginners is a collection of favorite church songs that you can play right away, even if you have no musical experience.

    Songs are arranged from easiest to hardest with simple charts to show you where to put your fingers and how to read the music. All songs include note letter names and diagrams of the keyboard to show you how to find each note.

    • Start easy and build your skills
    • Discover a wide variety of favorite worship songs, from classic hymns to beloved spirituals
    • Learn how to place your hands on the piano and read music
    • Listen and play along with the included recordings of each song


    Make Learning Fast and Fun

    This book saves you time by showing you exactly what you need to get started quickly. Start worshiping right away! You'll learn the basics of piano technique while mastering your favorite hymns with large print, widely spaced sheet music that is easy to read. Every song includes the letter names inside the notes to help you learn as you go.

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    The Easy Way to Play

    Learning music can be fast and fun, even if you have no musical experience.

    Our books save you time by showing exactly what you need to get started quickly. Play your favorite songs right away!

    This music has been carefully curated and arranged by Angela Marshall, MME. Every piece is fun and easy to play. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn your favorite songs!

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    Large Print Music

    Each song uses large print, single staff notation with letter names in the notes. This book is designed for those who have never read music or who want a relaxing way to start playing again. Every obstacle has been removed so you can play right away.

    Instructional Charts

    All concepts are taught through easy charts. Learn how to play at a glance. Each book is divided into levels with new concepts explained along the way.

    Professional Recordings

    Not sure how a song sounds? Want to play along with a band? Your purchase includes downloadable recordings of every song in the book. These professional recordings include both the piano and a backing band.